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EMPTY ROOMS, 4 f, 1 male, Female-led comedy


This smart and relatable comedy explores the obstacles to women in tech as Jennifer seeks to assert herself, maintain the credit for her own work, and learn to encourage the other women in her company.


Found Stages’ 2017 production of Empty Rooms toured to actual tech offices throughout metro Atlanta, as well as to co-working spaces and universities. Each performance was unique, as the play adapted to the existing space configuration, furniture, lighting and audience seating of each of the seven host venues.


Full Production-Found Stages Theatre, 2017 (dir. Nichole Palmietto)

Staged Reading-Out of Box Theatre, 2017 (dir. Kiernan Matts)

Staged Reading-DRAMATech (GA Tech University) (dir. Melissa Foulger) 

Staged Reading-The Drama League/Wide Eyed Productions NYC, 2014 (dir. Mia Somesse) 

Workshop/Staged Reading-Ethel Woolson Lab, 2014 (dir. Nichole Palmietto)

Staged Reading-Actor's Express/Working Title Playwrights, 2013 (dir. Nichole Palmietto)


THE HANDPRINT, 2 f, 3 m, Historical Drama

In this sweeping historical drama, two Irish immigrants, a brother and sister, struggle to unearth the American dream while fighting against a tyrannical railroad/coal conglomerate. Set against the backdrop of political, social and economic unrest in 1870s America, the siblings find themselves taking extreme measures to protect fellow immigrants against persecution while struggling against loss, anger and betrayal.


Staged Reading-Actor's Express Threshold New Play Festival, 2018 (dir. Nichole Palmietto)

Staged Reading-Players on Ponce, 2018 (dir. Amber Bradshaw)  

FS General Gabbler's Daughter Photo Cred

GENERAL GABLER'S DAUGHTER, 2 f, 3 m, Drama, Comedy, Adaptation


A reimagining of Ibsen’s classic Hedda Gabler, in which former astrobiologist reckons with her marriage, an old flame, and her life choices when people from her past arrive unexpectedly in her hometown. This adaptation is set in Auburn, Alabama giving the story a uniquely Southern lens. 



Found Stages Wine and Reading Series, Dunwoody Nature Center, 2018 (dir. Nichole Palmietto) 

Photo by: Casey Gardner

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